SAARA of Virginia

(SAARA) is the Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance of Virginia. SAARA of the Bay Counties is an affiliate of SAARA of Virginia which represents part of the Eastern Region of Virginia.

The Substance Abuse & Addiction Recovery Alliance of Bay Counties (SAARA of BC) builds healthier individuals and communities through advocacy, education, and by supporting long term recovery.

This is achieved through community events, fund-raising including grant writing, and by providing recovery housing, employment opportunities, and development of independent living skills.

SAARA of BC advocates for greater resources for our communities by collaborating and cooperating with community service providers, such as the local Community Services Board. The purpose is to achieve effective, accountable and accessible prevention, intervention, treatment, relapse prevention, and peer recovery support services.

We aim to remove the stigma associated with addiction by putting a face on recovery and showing that millions of people who have struggled from Substance Use Disorders go on to recover and lead full lives.